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Choi Kwang-Do

www: Greca Choi Kwang-Do

One Response to “Greca Choi Kwang-Do”

  • Goku J Morin:

    I have been studying martial arts on my own since I have been really young through books, video and whatever else I could get my hands on, growing up in the middle of the woods there wasen’t much in the way of martial arts dojo’s around but for me martial arts just seemed to mostly just come natural. Years later now married my wife and I decided that it was time to learn martial arts the right way and try to achieve my dream of being an instructor and opening my own dojo someday.
    My wife and I have been going to Greca Choi Kwang Do for a while now and in just two short private lessons I learned and understood more than all those years of trying to learn on my own and it was alot of fun.
    Everyone that studys here, the instructor’s and above all else the masters are all a class act, really kind understanding people.
    Their dojang is huge really great for training.
    Out of all the different styles that I have learned Choi Kwang Do is by far the best of all, better style, better body care than other styles that can be hard on the joints, great training and much more power behind it.
    If you are looking for the best martial arts has to offer, to learn amazing things, get in great shape and have fun doing it than this is where you belong.
    Come in and maybe we’ll be training togeather Pil suhng!
    Happy Year Of The Dragon 2012 and God Bless – Goku and Nicole Morin

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