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MI Martial Arts is a directory specializing in Michigan martial arts schools, seminars, and tournaments. This site was created after spending hours searching the web for schools in Michigan that teach classes in a specific art. There are many directories online from larger organization but none that offer an opportunity to target a Michigan specific audience or offer an interactive experience for your current and prospective students. The site is small now, in it’s white belt phase, but will grow and develop in time.

MI Martial Arts will list your martial arts school, seminar, special event, store, or tournament only if you are a Michigan (or very near Michigan) based business.

The following levels of site listing and/or sponsorship of MI Martial Arts is designed to offer the greatest flexibility to school owners during this time of economic recovery while bringing in enough money to cover our cost. Links back to MI Martial Arts are always appreciated!

Basic Listing – Free

  • School Name
  • Address
  • contact phone number
  • classes offered
  • www: link to your school’s web site
  • facebook: link to your school’s facebook page

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MI Martial Arts – Sponsor

Basic listing plus:

  • School logo at top of listing (150×150 pixels max)
  • Up to 250 word school/class summary
  • Up to 250 word instructor bio and photo (150×225 pixels max)
  • Google map location
  • Static link¬† – your school name and visible www link on every page of directory

*Get a free Sponsor listing by placing a link to MI Martial Arts on your school’s website links area or make a one time donation of $15


Seminar or Tournament – Free

  • Location address
  • Contact phone number
  • Up to 500 word description
  • Link to pdf flyer (our server or yours)
  • Announcement on MI Martial Arts facebook page


Martial Arts Supplies/Store Listing – $50/year*

  • Name, address, contact phone number
  • Up to 500 word description
  • Google map
  • Static link (right) – your store name and www link visible on every page of directory and blog
  • Inclusion in county search results
  • Placement of a visual banner ad in rotation. (max size 160 wide by 450 tall)

*Get 50% off your store listing by linking back to MI Martial Arts from your official web site.

Right sidebar banner advertising available in monthly blocks. Please contact us to discuss prices, exclusions, and artwork specifics.

Easy payments accepted through Pay Pal or a business check through USPS.


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