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Progressive Kali Silat315 Larry Lane
Charlotte, MI 48813

phone: 517-667-1046

Progressive KaliSilat

www: Progressive Kali Silat



Progressive Kali Salat is a individual style of practical self defense that utilizes a combination of traditional Filipino, Indonesian, and Chinese martial arts. The style emphasizes motion, rhythm, and timing. Students learn these concepts in a one-on-one environment to fully understand the principles that can be applied to many situations. Advanced students are then integrated into larger classes to practice with new partners.


Progressive Kali Silat - Mike Tabor


Mike Tabor has over 40 years of training in multiple styles of martial arts including Filipino, Indonesian, and Chinese. Over the years Mike has been blessed to train with some of the pioneers of modern day martial arts including Sifu/Guro Dan Timlin, Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell, Chris Kent, Cass Magda, and Nino Bernardo.


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  • Karen Sylvester:

    My friend is taking Silat and I was wondering if there are any tournaments we can go Michigan or in the USA.


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