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Progressive Tactics martial arts school logo21311 Telegraph Road
Brownstown, Mi. 48183

Phone: 313-520-2057

Karate – Modern Arnis – Kickboxing

www: progressive tactics



Owner of Progressive Tactics, Bill Barker knows that there are other martial arts schools in the down river area that offer quality instruction and programs. What sets Progressive Tactics apart is their staff. His experienced instructors are there to assist all students from age four (4) to adult accomplish their goals and become the best martial artist they can.


Bill Barker holding an Arnis fighting stick


Bill Barker has been studying martial arts since 1985. He holds black belts in: Tang Soo Do, Jujitsu, Kenpo, and skki kobudo. He has also trained in Iaido and Modern Arnis. Bill opened Barker’s Tang Soo Do in 1997 and changed the name to Progressive Tactics in 2000.








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