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Rite Aid Plaza
1881 South Blvd W
Troy, MI 48098

phone: 248-828-4360

Hap Ki Do – Jiu Jitsu – Karate – Martial Arts – Self Defense – Tae Kwon Do

www: Troy Martial Arts

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13 Responses to “Troy Martial Arts”

  • Farhat Hameed:

    My daughter is loving training at TMA.Troy Martial Arts teaches kids self confidence,and self discipline,both of which are great skills to have in tough times.My daughter feels more confident in herself since she started training at TMA.I don’t think you will find another dojang,quite like Troy Martial Arts.The instructors are very kind to the kids,and are always willing to help a child when he or she is struggling.Troy Martial Arts is truly the best martial arts training center in all of Detroit!

  • Talya Knight:

    YOU simply will not find a more genuinely positive, caring, happy and family-like atmosphere anywhere else!!! Each and every member of the staff at Troy Martial Arts have incredible talent, indomitable spirit, patience and are they are all truly friendly. My two sons have been training at Troy Martial Arts since May of 2012 and are already Senior Blue Belts. Master Trudeau is wonderful at teaching her students to be the best they can be no matter what level they are at. She has a natural ability to connect with the students and that makes it an easier learning environment. It is a comfortable atmosphere with no pressure, no judgment what-so-ever. Everyone is treated equal at Troy Martial Arts. If we could attend classes every day of the week, we would. In my honest opinion, I think my kids have already made life-long friends there as well as for sure life-long skills that will help them be the best they can be in their lives. I couldn’t ask for a better path for my kids to be on. I’d like to give a special thank you to Master Trudeau and the entire staff for everything they do and for how hard they work. You’re all amazing!!!

  • Bryan H:

    We absolutely love the Troy Martial Arts classes. The classes are great and encourage children to be respectful, obedient, and confident. The Instructors are wonderful and very patient with the children. Our daughter absolutely loves it and is always ready to get to class! Master Trudeau and the entire staff are great at what they do and we enjoy watching our child grow and develop the very special art of Tae kwon do. A big “Thank You” to the Troy Martial Arts team for supporting our daughter and sharing your skills and talents.

    Troy Martial Arts… it’s the best!

  • c beaver:

    Troy martial arts is truly spectacular! From the moment I walked in I have felt like part of their family. The changes in the boys has been remarkable. There are no words to thank the wonderful instructors Master Trudeau, Instructor Nelson, Instructor Brusoe and Instructor Adams. Without your patience and dedication my boys would still be struggling. Their report cards and parent teacher conferences are proof of the wonderful job that you do EVERYDAY! I was so impressed that my boyfriend and I also joined, and we now enjoy learning as a family. If you are looking for something to do as a family I could not think of a better idea then of joining the Troy Martial Arts dojang.

  • Chris and Gavin H:

    Troy Martial Arts is a GREAT place to train. My son and I recently moved from California where he trained in Tae Kwon Do. We read all the reviews and stopped by to visit Troy Martial Arts.

    We were impressed immediately by Mark and Tammy Trudeau. So impressed that I actually joined as well and have been training along side my son, which has been the best experience.

    I would highly recommend Troy Martial Arts, they ROCK!!!!

  • kira greene:

    We absolutely love Troy Martial Arts!!!! I researched many karate schools in the area, and this one stood out to me just from looking at the website. The website was very informative and user friendly, and I loved that there was a female instructor. When I went into the dojang personally, I loved how friendly everyone was, and we have been there for over 7 month now. My children have learned a lot, and they are always very excited to go to class. I definitely recommend this school.

  • Deepa s:

    The best martial arts training that I could ever have chosen for my kids.My older son is very reserved person and his self confidence has been boosted up.Both my kids have been trained how to handle a bully.The prices here are reasonable and the teacher Master Trudeau is so so friendly ,I just love how organized she is in conducting the testing,the tournaments and picnics.My kids love the fact that they know how to break a concrete with bare hands .

  • Ochani family:

    My daughter loves her class and her masters ,I see her improving physically and mentally and having positive attitude to life.

  • Arun Naidu:

    It is a Greatest place for my son to Learn Karate. And one of the best after school actvity to burn his Energy and learn Respect, Self Discipline, Self Control. Great Master and she is doing Awesome. I Couldnt wait to Join my Second Son…but have to wait for another Year…

  • Knight Family:

    We are so happy to be a part of Troy Martial Arts! Master Trudeau is WONDERFUL!!! :-)

    The Knight Family

  • krish:

    I started sendind my son when he was 4.5 He has improved both physically and mentally in strength .Infact i just love watching him do such good punches and kicks.Master Tammy Trudeau gives personal attention to all the kids .I would definetly recommend this place .

  • Ryan M:

    I once was at another martial arts school, and I just wasn’t happy. So, I went searching for another, and found Troy Martial Arts. Master Trudeau takes an individualized approach and makes sure that the kids feel welcomed and happy. It’s hard work, but it is the best switch I ever made. I have been here for three years, seven in total, and am going for my second degree black belt in December.

  • Mark T:

    Great Place!

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